Take it home and drive it around the clock, not just around the block!

Pull into your driveway and let your friends and family marvel at its sparkly shine. Take it to work and see the envy in your co-workers’ eyes. Drive it down the freeway and watch others give you the “oooh nice” stare! We’re pretty sure you’ll not only like it – you’ll love it!

To participate in Celebration’s 24-hour test drive program, we will need the following:


  • $500 security hold(refundable**). Credit card or cash accepted (similar to the credit hold gas stations put on your card when you fill-up).
  • A validdriver’s license.
  • Verifiable auto insurancecoverage with both comprehensive and collision coverage.
  • Prior to the test drive, you must fill out a short pre-qualification worksheet.


The pre-qualification worksheet will include a valuation of your trade-in (if applicable) so you’ll know it’s worth. We will also do a soft inquiry* of your credit report so we can show you what financing / monthly payments you could expect should you decide to purchase the vehicle.


* Unlike hard credit inquiries, soft credit inquiries won’t affect your credit score since soft inquiries aren’t connected to a specific application for new credit. A soft inquiry merely gives us the ability to work with lenders on a preliminary basis to negotiate the best interest rates / loan terms for you while you are taking your test drive, so that if you decide to buy the vehicle we can have everything ready on our end.


SAVE TIME: To save time at the dealership, you can reserve your 24-hour test drive and fill out the short pre-approval worksheet here on the website by clicking on the “Reserve” button for the vehicle that interests you.


STANDARD TEST DRIVE OPTION: If you do not wish to fill out pre-approval information and / or $500 security hold, we invite you to come take a standard test drive at the dealership. For this we only need your driver’s license and insurance coverage information.



During the test drive, the vehicle cannot be driven more than 100 miles.

You must return the vehicle to the Celebration Chevrolet dealership within 24 hours – except test drives that begin on Saturday, in which case the vehicle must be returned before 10 a.m. on Monday. We are closed Sunday.



If while on your 24-hour test drive you decide that you want to purchase the vehicle, you may either:

  1. Come into the dealershipto complete the purchase.
  2. Visit the Celebration Chevrolet websiteand click on the “Zoom with a Product Specialist” link. The Product Specialist can help complete your purchase online from the comfort of your home or office in about 15 minutes. We will bring the paperwork you’ll need to sign right to you!

** If the vehicle is returned damaged or later than 24 hours after the test drive began, the $500 security hold will be forfeited. 


Note: If after your test drive you decide to move forward with the purchase and wish to apply for a loan, we will do a hard pull of your credit report. Preliminary financing information we furnished based on the pre-approval soft-credit inquiry may differ from the actual deal once your full credit report is accessed.

** If the vehicle is returned damaged or later than 24 hours after the test drive began, the $500 security deposit will be forfeited.